Institute 3E is an elite sports performance facility, helping athletes of all levels achieve success on and off the field. Using a unique approach, Institute 3E integrates athletic conditioning, mental edge coaching, lifestyle education and physical regeneration to create a complete program designed specifically to meet the needs of each athlete.

"True success reflects a mutual commitment to excellence and integrity."

Jon DiFlorio, Founder of Institute 3E

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Traditional strength training often fails to include key elements that are essential for continued athletic superiority. New discoveries in sports science are shedding light on ways to achieve peak performance. Institute 3E is on the cutting edge of these developing approaches by incorporating physical conditioning, mental edge coaching, sports nutrition, lifestyle enhancement, as well as integrated medicine. Our programs are custom-tailored to the sport, position and individual strengths and weaknesses of each athlete.

Each athlete receives individual evaluations leading to personalized programming guaranteed to redefine and improve the athlete's speed, strength and overall abilities, and extract peak performances on a regular basis.

No one is more committed to athletic success than Institute 3E.