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6 Benefits of Using Magnesium For Athletes

Magnesium in some respects is a miracle mineral, the body utilizes it in over 300 enzyme systems. It helps with protein synthesis, sleep, nerve function, metabolic processes, and many more. How does this result back to hockey and athletics? To play at top-tier levels every energy system in the body needs to be functioning to their full capacity - magnesium helps ensure this. 

  1. Improved sleep - if you're extremely active, chances are you may lack magnesium due to your higher energy expenditure. Magnesium has been seen to produce a calming effect on the nervous system which will help regulate (calm) the nervous system and heart rate.
    • Takeaway - if you're active before bed, feel constantly overworked, or can't sleep through the full night - take magnesium to help calm your nervous system and achieve a better rested sleep.
  2. Build muscle - testosterone levels have direct correlation with muscle growth and strength, magnesium has been seen to increase testosterone levels.
    • Takeaway - not utilizing your magnesium stores to their full potential is chancing your ability to grow, low magnesium levels may slow muscle growth.
  3. Protein synthesis - in order to build muscle there needs to be ample amounts of protein synthesis. Magnesium has been seen to increase this function due to its role in the various enzyme functions it plays a part in.
    • Takeaway - like number 2, magnesium helps play a role in muscle growth by improving our enzyme systems and inducing increased protein synthesis.
  4. Stronger bones - in fast paced, contact sports, bone strength is important to reduce your risk of injury (no brainer). Magnesium is essential in the use of Vitamin D and calcium, two huge precursors for bone strength.
    • Takeaway - one of the most important enzyme systems magnesium plays a part in is bone structure and strength, ample amounts are needed to ensure constant regeneration/growth.
  5. Insulin sensitivity - people with lack of control over their insulin find it harder to recover from workouts and lose body fat. This is due to their inability to mobilize the proper energy systems when called upon. Magnesium has been seen to help regulate proper energy use, lack of magnesium results in insulin resistance which will deplete the body's glycogen stores, which can result in fat storage.
    • Takeaway - lose body fat and recover faster by taking magnesium, half of the battle is utilizing the correct energy systems to burn the right forms of energy. By doing so, you'll increase lean body mass, which is essential for athletics.
  6. Manage stress - the stress hormone cortisol is released when the body is constantly taxed. In athletics and weight lifting this is common and not an issue, although, when there's excessive release and no countering of this hormone, then cortisol becomes an issue.
    • Takeaway - like mentioned in improved sleep, magnesium's effect on the nervous system will help clear excessive cortisol levels leaving you feeling better and more energized.

The types of magnesium you consume also matters. Higher quality magnesium will be utilized by the body best, cheaper magnesium is not as bio-available as something with higher quality. We offer the best form of magnesium in the gym, ask us for more info!