Protein Post-Workout

It's no secret that a protein shake post workout has become a staple for most athletes and gym rats. We see more and more of our athletes drinking them after their lifts and we love it.

Ever wonder why people drink them? Here's why...

When you workout you're producing stress on the body, this is a good kind of stress-the kind of stress that facilitates recovery and growth. In order for the body to recover at an optimal level there needs to be an intake of protein, this intake will stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the use of amino acids to create proteins to repair muscle and help them grow.

This is why you see diets high in protein far more superior for athletes and regular lifters. The increased intake of protein will help stimulate more protein synthesis, especially when you're lifting and playing your sport (constantly breaking down the body).

So why a whey shake?

Whey protein is classified as a fast-digesting protein, as in, it's protein form will be easier and readily used by the body. Along with being fast digesting whey contains a lot of essential amino acids (building blocks of protein), the higher the amount of amino acids, the greater muscle protein synthesis. Protein type does matter when it comes to amino acid content, not all protein is created equal. A typical amino acid profile of the whey protein we offer is below...(it contains an optimal amount of essential amino acids, which some whey's do not)

Timing matters...

When you're playing a sport and lifting consistently protein timing becomes important, the body needs strategic recovery and energy. This is why you see so many people drinking protein post-workout, the body is in a state of needing protein and the shake can be a great start for protein synthesis (recovery). How much protein is still in debate, but a serving of 20-30 grams is a safe bet (the normal serving size).

If you're lifting and playing hockey, you're at the age that strength and growth are important keys to your success. A protein shake is a great safe supplement for helping you recover and providing the body the fuel it needs to keep performing optimally. We offer protein in the gym and will gladly answer any questions you have about the supplement and it's use for you. 


Olympic Shoes and Their Benefits

Olympic or lifting shoes are a great tool in the frequent lifter/athletes toolbox. If you've ever worked out in a pair you know exactly where I'm coming from. Although, if you don't know what they are, or why they're beneficial to your lifting–here's a quick rundown on their benefits.

  1. Ankle stability - imagine skating without a stable boot on the ice, your ankle would be more prone to injury due to the increased mobility. When lifting you want a stable base, especially when moving weight.
  2. Fixed foot - lifting shoes have a solid sole (think bowling shoes), this creates a firm ground to stand on. Which like the point above will help with ankle stability and joint strength (especially for those with knee valgus or constant knees caving in).
  3. Elevated heel - every shoe comes with an elevated heel (they vary in height), this is great for those who don't have natural lower limb mobility. For those who sit down all day at school/work, this is HUGE for helping achieve proper depth with the squat.
  4. Better mobility - the above 3 benefits all work hand-in-hand to create improved mobility. When you wear a shoe that allows proper range of motion with a stable base, the body can adapt to movements in a faster/safer way. For example, squatting in regular shoes with poor mobility can put a lot of stress on the lower back (knees caving in, lower back rounding, etc)–these shoes will work to fight that and keep the stress of the movement to the appropriate areas.

If you're in the gym frequently and care about your future strength progress as an athlete, borrow someone's shoes sometime or look into purchasing your own pair. You won't regret it.

"Yeah you could play hockey in both figure skates or ice hockey skates, sure they'll both work, but one has it's clear benefits and will function better." - Jon DiFlorio CSCS Owner of Institute 3E

Pre-Game Supplementation

We’ve talked pre-game nutrition, but what about supplementation? A lot of elite athletes could be reaping the benefits of supplements to enhance performance…and no, not steroids! We’re talking safe, natural supplements that prime the nervous system for activity and prime the mind for added focus. There are so many factors that can influence your play from a good game to a GREAT game. The supplements listed have been proven to improve mood, energy and focus–Designs For Health and Poliquin Group supplements (the listed supps) are known for their product purity and nutrient availability.