The best athletes in the world make an off-season plan. Our success with NHL and NCAA Division I players, has been recognized by hockey publications such as, NHL Network, Hockey Business News, and ESPN Magazine. Take the doubt out of whether or not you are getting the most from your training. Do something different. Let us design and implement the best possible program for you.

Science based, result oriented.

Our protocol starts with a comprehensive assessment of:

  • Flexibility/ROM
  • Structural balance testing
  • Strength/power testing
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Body fat analysis (Biosignature)
  • Goal setting consultation
  • Physical Therapy Screening (if necessary)
  • Additional testing for Professional Athletes (food allergy testing, laboratory analysis and more)

Working with a selective group of serious, highly skilled players, you will train in an environment that breeds hard work, dedication and passion.  You will be challenged to reach your fullest potential. In addition to weight training sessions (which are a mandatory 4-6 times a week), your off-season will include:

  • Olympic weightlifting technical sessions
  • Energy system development and strongman workouts
  • Speed training
  • Plyometrics
  • Flexibility/mobility classes
  • A nutrition and lifestyle consultation
  • Personalized supplementation recommendations
  • Mental conditioning sessions (Gary Parks)
  • On ice development (TBD)
Before making a commitment, think carefully and be absolutely certain it is an obligation you are willing to make.” – Jon DiFlorio

Institute 3E is creating a community of serious athletes, who are willing to work hard to get results. If you would like to refer a credible candidate, we are open to reviewing athletic resumes for consideration.


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