"Institute 3E is at the cutting edge now of training the whole athlete, not just his body, but his mind, his eating habits... everything.  Everything there needs to be to take your game to another level... they're able to do that for you." 

-Matt Keator (Olympic Sports Management for the NHL)

"Since working out at I3E, I've become faster, leaner, stronger. My game has excelled to another level." 

-Eric Nystrom (NHL Forward, Calgary Flames)

"I've trained in a lot of places throughout my career I3E's program is by far the most complete"

-Bill Guerin (NHL Forward, Pittsburgh Penguins)

"Working with Institute 3E has been an uplifting experience for me in the weight room, out on the field, and off of the field.  I have grown not only as an athlete, but also as an individual."

-John Paul Foschi (NFL Fullback, Cincinatti Bengals)

"Ever since day one, Institute 3E has amazed me.  It's all cutting edge.  Everyone is here for one reason... to get better."

-Mike Komisarek (NHL Defenseman, Toronto Maple Leafs)

"I've been missing the explosive, short-term, high intensity workouts, and this program has filled that void perfectly."

-Christopher Higgins (NHL Forward, Calgary Flames)

"My workouts are now meaningful and directly relate to everything that takes place over the course of a lacrosse game.  Since I have been working with Institute 3E, I have never in my entire career felt better about my body and my mind.  From strength, to speed, to nutrition, to health, to friendships, I feel lucky to have come across such an incredible group."

-Jay Jalbert (US World Lacrosse)

"Institute 3E is unique because it incorporates all different aspects of training. You get not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and leadership aspects of training that you need to be successful at the next level."

- Rick DiPietro (NHL Goalie, New York Islanders)

"What really helps me do my job is if I know a player has been to Institute 3E, because it shows me that player is as dedicated as anybody in his profession. Any player who is willing to go through the rigors of this type of training program, we know he's pretty serious about trying to be a pro. What Institute 3E is doing is just the beginning of a real industry trend."

- Jordan Neumann (Sports Professional Management, NHL Player Agent)

"Positive thought, perseverence, and focus were the messages given to us by Institute 3E. Their messages were heard, their example was seen, and our goal was reached."

- Robert Shaver (Plainedge High School Football Coach, 2005 County Champions)

“I always trained in the off-season and got decent results. It wasn’t until I started training with Jon DiFlorio that the results were recognizable on the ice. He provided me with a plan that helped me work on my individual needs which took my game to the next level.”

-Tom Parisi  (AHL, Montreal Canadiens)