The Proven Secret to Getting Stronger: Great Training Partners

Even the best training programs can fail without the right type of support. The proven secret to success is great training partners. When you’re able to be pushed past your comfort zone by others–that is when strength will greatly increase. We have what’s called the SCC (Support, Challenge, Camaraderie), it’s our foundation as to why great training partners are a must.

Pullup Motivation .jpg


Motivation - Great training partners bring a positive energy, attitude and improve the gym atmosphere.

Energy - If you’re a serious athlete you know how important it is to have people surrounding you with the same driven mindset.

Spotting - Partners can help you avoid injury when handling heavy weight and help deload/load weight.

Confidence - Working with others builds your self confidence and theirs.

Keep you honest - Great training partners won’t let you forge numbers or cheat reps, they’ll keep you honest and demand persistence.


Competition - Partners will push you to prove yourself...and them wrong.

Strengths/Weaknesses - Everyone will have their own strengths and weaknesses–having training partners shows you what you need to work on, no one wants to be the weak link.

New limits - Whether it be weight, time, reps–partners will help increase what you’re able to to do and perform.


"Chi" - This is the atmosphere you and your partners create when training together, it's the energy you feel when surrounded by the right people.

Relationships - Whether your partners are teammates, friends, coaches, competition–you will build better relationships with them by training along side them.

Accountability - You and your partners have a commitment to each other when you train: time, a positive attitude and motivation are a few examples of your responsibility to them.

“No wimping out” - Great partners won’t allow you to quit and take the easy way out. Even on your worst day a great training crew will challenge you.

Common goal - At the end of the day you’re all working towards one goal: Self Improvement.

Fun - It’s fun training with people who challenge you. Getting stronger, reaching new limits and growing is fun–especially when your partners are putting in hardwork with you.

When you train with the right group of people your results will match the energy brought to the gym. The right training group will push you past your own limits and help you accomplish your goals. We guarantee if you have training partners that follow these points you will get stronger, create a better self and build stronger relationships.