Education in the Weight Room

Is Your Strength Coach Qualified?

          When looking for a strength coach there is a checklist that should always be considered. There are coaches who walk around titling themselves as strength coaches, copying what they may have seen on YouTube videos or blogs of other coaches. This is a disservice to the athletes and those who pay for the training that individual provides. A few mandatory prerequisites that every strength coach should have are:

  1. He is educated and certified through accredited organizations.
  2. Reputation is impeccable.
  3. Understands assessment and program design.
  4. Helps athletes compete at the next level.



          The level of education your strength coach has, should influence your decision to train with him or not. Finding out his background in sports, schooling, and certifications will allow for a better understanding of that coach. Separating credible coaches from wannabes is relatively easy if you know what you are looking for:

  • Degree in Exercise Science.
  • Certification from an internationally or nationally recognized organization.
  • The mentors he has learned from.

          It is also important to note that certification does not mean qualification. There are many online certifications that lack substance. In addition to this, studying for a test and memorizing material does not mean someone understands what they are reciting back.

          A great strength coach will also seek out mentors to learn from. They will gain practical skills and success strategies from elite coaches, that can be implemented right away. Understanding what, why, and when to do certain programming is essential for increasing athletic performance.


What is the Coaches Reputation?

The reputation of the strength coach is of the utmost importance.

  • What do past clients say about the strength coach?
  • What kind of results are they known for?
  • Who have they trained?
  • Are their athletes successful?



          A qualified strength coach will always begin his program with a comprehensive assessment. This initial testing is the key to a successful program design. The ability to recognize limitations and address imbalances, while getting an athlete stronger, are indications of an elite strength coach.


Help Athletes compete at the next level.

          The main reason you hire a strength coach is to gain a competitive edge. A great strength coach can identify what an athlete needs to compete at the next level. Whether an athlete must get, faster, stronger, more powerful or needs to change their body composition, an elite strength coach will be able to devise a plan to meet their individual needs.


Prerequisites and essential qualities.

          The aforementioned are the prerequisites for a qualified strength coach and the follow are essential character traits the coach must possess.

  • He must show that he cares about you.
  • He must be responsible and persistent.
  • Must inspire and energize you.

These characteristics in addition to knowledge and experience are the attributes that define a great strength coach.