Bantam: Intro to Weight Training

Accepting Candidates



Bantam is the stage in your hockey career when the game drastically changes. At this level checking begins, and the importance of being bigger, faster, and stronger is crucial.

At this age there is an obvious variance in the rate of maturation. It is a critical time for smaller athletes to begin the process of strength training, and just as important for the larger athletes to learn how to use their size.  


What you will gain

In this program each athlete will learn the fundamentals of Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition. The Bantam Program is a four day per week commitment, that will encompass multiple phases of training.

The goal of this program is to establish a foundation for strength training, begin the process of accumulating training years, and teach proper nutritional strategies.

Included within the program are:

  • Pre-Screening Exam

  • Custom Tailored Programming

  • Work closely with qualified coaches

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Seminar

  • Limited to 12 candidates